Black Friday guide

Black Friday guide

Black Friday

This year's big shopping day. This is the day when the Christmas shopping starts. One can on Black Friday get great discounts in most stores.


But what is Black Friday and where does this day / tradition come from?

The term was first used for more than 50 years ago by police in Philadelphia to describe the chaotic days after Thanksgiving, where there was traffic chaos because of the many people who wanted to get out and Christmas shopping.

Negotiators later tried to change the name to Big Friday, when it was on this day many of them could change their red numbers into black and positive. It did not succeed to get the name to break through and to have instead opted to stick with Black Friday. The name which today stands for the biggest shopping day.

Black Friday is not a day all know and it is not strange for the day itself is not one that has been on the European market for long. Black Friday arrived for the first time in England about five years ago. Since then, this day has become more and more popular.

The same can be said for many of the other major shopping days as, Cyber Monday. It is the first working day after Thankgiving weekend. Many retailers have already online discounts on Black Friday, but on Cyber Monday, many of the discounts only online.


Some tips to make your shopping day even better

1. Make a list of desired products. This way you'll know exactly whatto look for

2. Find out where you can buy the things you want. So do notstress on the day of where you can find different things.

3. Search for Black Friday deals within. Many stores and online shops have already started to advertise their Black Friday deals. On this page save example. 30% of all the clocks.

4. Search for discount coupons. Many stores or online stores put coupons on the internet or in various magazines. These coupons can be good and can give you even more discounts in some.

5. Enjoy the day and the energy on the street.

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