How to keep your watch for a long time!

How to keep your watch for a long time!

Care and maintenance of watches


A watch is a delicious and complicated item that requires regular care for that to work properly. Standard maintenance includes protection of the hands, protect the watch from water damage as well as general cleaning of the watch and the strap. The following tips will help you to maintain and keep your watches in good quality too the next generations: How to maintain watches with quartz movements If you have a quartz watch, you should remove worn batteries and replace them every year.

When using your watch it is very important to avoid equipment that creates a strong magnetic fields such as speakers, cell phones and metal detectors. Extremes temperature differences and humid environments such as showers, whirlpools and saunas, can be harmful to your watch even if it says the watch is waterproof.

Damages can occur in violent shocks such as if you lose your watch during sports. Exposure to these risks can adversely affect the performance of the watch.

General cleaning If a watch is worn regularly, it should be cleaned every other month. This usually wipe with a soft, dry cloth. If your watch has a metal strap, most watchmakers recommend a careful wash with a soft brush dipped in warm soapy water. Then rinse the watch with warm, clean water before you dry it completely.

J&M watches Denmark recommends Cleaning metal watches every other month if the watch is worn daily. If your watch has a leather strap, be sure to never let the strap stay wet. If it should come into contact with, for example, moisture or sweat, just wipe dry the strap thoroughly. Avoid getting your wrist in contact with products such as cosmetics, detergents, moisturizers and perfumes, as these can make marks in the leather.


Less than 3 bar / 3 atm / 30m No waterproofness at all, just keep dirt out

3 bar / 3 atm / 30m Water repellent, water resistant to eg. dishes, rain and steam

5 bar / 5 atm / 50m Water repellent, swimming and bath are not recommended (as the J&M Nordic360 collection)

10 bar / 10 atm / 100m Waterproof, can be used both for swimming and diving

20 bar / 20 atm / 200m and above Waterproof, can be used for compressed air diving


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