The J in J&M

The J in J&M

Jonas JanjooaWho are you?

Name: Jonas Janjooa

Age: 29 years old

Title: CEO & Co founder of J&M Denmark

I was born in Brøndby and started my young days on the football field. Football was a big part of my life, but it was also quickly realized that I also had a more creative side.

My parents had their own restaurant, which meant that the understanding of the entrepreneur life was right there for me to learn more.

The creative side came more and more forward as I got older, which also resulted in several projects and personal development. But one thing kept catching my interest, namely to create something, developing something and make it bigger. It quickly became my big dream to go in my parents' footsteps and become an entrepreneur.


What inspires you?

There are many things that go through my head every day. A lot of new ideas. It can be anything from a conversation to a walk either in nature or in the city that gives me new ideas. It may even be when I'm in the gym where my thoughts can run free.

To put something in motion and see it grow is the biggest inspiration. And I love to create and to inspire people around me as many others has inspired me. People who took the step and acted on their dreams. It takes hard work, but the journey you will go through can be so inspiring.


Why watches?

Well, I have always had a certain interest in jewellery and watches. But collecting them started back when I received a watch from my grandfather before he past away. This was the beginning and I quickly began collecting more and started to assembling some few ones. Within a few years I had my very own collection of watches. 32 pieces to be exact. When this hobby turned into more than that I knew that I had to design my very own watch. And I knew exactly what I was going for.


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