The M in J&M

The M in J&M

Peter Mørup 


Who are you?

Name: Peter Mørup

Age 29 years old

Title: CEO and Co founder of J&M Denmark

As a child I enjoyed playing soccer like most of the other boys. Although, when I was off from school and not playing soccer, I usually went with my father to work. My father was the owner of a transport company and it was during my time spend at my father's company that I learned what it meant to be self-employed. I watched as my father planned (or structured) a day of work. I watched how he lead a workplace consisting of several employees and I saw his flair for development of new strategies as well as ways in which he could provide his costumers the best service available. It was my father's workplace that sparked my interest for entrepreneurship.      

I have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. Homework and thick books never really intrigued me. It is the process of creating something new, something innovative that peaks my interest and consumes me.


What inspires you?

What inspires me is the first thought that becomes the first idea, which becomes the possibility of making a product.

The first thought can sprout from anything in your everyday; for instance while taking a stroll through Grønnegade in the heart of Copenhagen. It is here I find my inspiration from observing anything from characters to my surroundings..


Why watches?

My fascination for watches started on the day of my Confirmation when i received a beautiful and elegant watch as my last present. The watch, which i immediately fell in love with, became the starting point of my passion for watches. At that point in time, my interest for watches remained a hobby. It was as the years went by that my passion grew and I decided to start a watch company ultimately realising my dream of becoming a founder. 

I have always admired all kinds of watches; each watch holds its own history, it captivates me.


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