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J&M on Indiegogo

Posted by Jonas Janjooa on

The Nordic360 collection was brought to life after a journey through different countries. And when longing after the calm and safe sight of home we turned to our nations capital. Here we found more hidden treasures to use an inspiration. The calm waters on a sunny day, standing by the bay in Copenhagen, looking over the city. Seeing the new mixing with the old.

This was the beginning for our newest collection -> The J&M Nordic360

The Nordic360 on Indiegogo

Right now we are live on INDIEGOGO with this collection. Where we need your help to reach our goal in order to get the production going. And as a bonus we offer all who will make a pledge a very unique chance to buy the watches for a very affordable price. Also being one of the first in the world to receive the watches.

Become part of history!



How to use Indiegogo


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How to buy a watch via Kickstarter (GUIDE)

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Hi everyone,

we have made a short and simple guide on how you can help us on Kickstarter by making a pledge.

Follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Click the link to our KICKSTARTER

STEP 2: Find all the information you need on our Kickstarter page. Make a pledge and support us by pressing the green button "BACK THIS PROJECT"


STEP 3: Find the package that suits you the most and choose it by clicking on it.


STEP 4: After choosing your package, please select shipping destination so we can see where to send your watch/watches. Press "CONTINUE" to complete your order.


STEP 5: Fill out all required fields and sign up or choose to log in with your Facebook account. We need this in order to send you an email with information regarding your order and shipment details. 

It is also to this email we will be sending a survey to for you to choose your watch/watches.

This will be sent to you when the Kickstarter campaign ends and if/when we reach our goal.


Complete payment and get ready to receive your new watch/watches. 

If you have any questions regarding the watches or other, please contact us on or read our FAQ on our KICKSTARTER page.

Get it for a great price, the first 50 backers can buy the watches for only 899DKK (136 $). 

Please help us reach our goal by sharing it with your friends and family or even making a pledge.

All the best

Jonas & Peter

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The M in J&M

Posted by Jonas Janjooa on

Peter Mørup 


Who are you?

Name: Peter Mørup

Age 29 years old

Title: CEO and Co founder of J&M Denmark

As a child I enjoyed playing soccer like most of the other boys. Although, when I was off from school and not playing soccer, I usually went with my father to work. My father was the owner of a transport company and it was during my time spend at my father's company that I learned what it meant to be self-employed. I watched as my father planned (or structured) a day of work. I watched how he lead a workplace consisting of several employees and I saw his flair for development of new strategies as well as ways in which he could provide his costumers the best service available. It was my father's workplace that sparked my interest for entrepreneurship.      

I have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. Homework and thick books never really intrigued me. It is the process of creating something new, something innovative that peaks my interest and consumes me.


What inspires you?

What inspires me is the first thought that becomes the first idea, which becomes the possibility of making a product.

The first thought can sprout from anything in your everyday; for instance while taking a stroll through Grønnegade in the heart of Copenhagen. It is here I find my inspiration from observing anything from characters to my surroundings..


Why watches?

My fascination for watches started on the day of my Confirmation when i received a beautiful and elegant watch as my last present. The watch, which i immediately fell in love with, became the starting point of my passion for watches. At that point in time, my interest for watches remained a hobby. It was as the years went by that my passion grew and I decided to start a watch company ultimately realising my dream of becoming a founder. 

I have always admired all kinds of watches; each watch holds its own history, it captivates me.

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The J in J&M

Posted by Jonas Janjooa on

Jonas JanjooaWho are you?

Name: Jonas Janjooa

Age: 29 years old

Title: CEO & Co founder of J&M Denmark

I was born in Brøndby and started my young days on the football field. Football was a big part of my life, but it was also quickly realized that I also had a more creative side.

My parents had their own restaurant, which meant that the understanding of the entrepreneur life was right there for me to learn more.

The creative side came more and more forward as I got older, which also resulted in several projects and personal development. But one thing kept catching my interest, namely to create something, developing something and make it bigger. It quickly became my big dream to go in my parents' footsteps and become an entrepreneur.


What inspires you?

There are many things that go through my head every day. A lot of new ideas. It can be anything from a conversation to a walk either in nature or in the city that gives me new ideas. It may even be when I'm in the gym where my thoughts can run free.

To put something in motion and see it grow is the biggest inspiration. And I love to create and to inspire people around me as many others has inspired me. People who took the step and acted on their dreams. It takes hard work, but the journey you will go through can be so inspiring.


Why watches?

Well, I have always had a certain interest in jewellery and watches. But collecting them started back when I received a watch from my grandfather before he past away. This was the beginning and I quickly began collecting more and started to assembling some few ones. Within a few years I had my very own collection of watches. 32 pieces to be exact. When this hobby turned into more than that I knew that I had to design my very own watch. And I knew exactly what I was going for.

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Posted by Jonas Janjooa on

There is many things that can inspire us. Behind our newest collection is a mix of the old and the new.

When we first came across the idea of a new collection, we knew that we wanted to make them more simple, more elegant and more value for your money. 

To get inspiration we walked up and down the streets of Copenhagen and wore down anything that caught our eyes. For days and days we kept coming back. After several months we had gathered enough inspiration and knew what how the new collection should look.

For you to see our idea, imagine standing at the Copenhagen Food market looking over the water. Here you have the Copenhagen Opera House on one side and the Queens Palace on the other side along with the old buildings. This sight on a calm sunny day, gave us the best inspiration we could ever dream of. This is the mix we wanted in our new collection.

This mix combined with the clean lines in Scandinavian design creates the backbone of the NORDIC360 collection.


TIME IS YOURS - is what we believe in. It is what our brand is build around. Time is yours means so much more than just the words, time is something you have, enjoy it. And with our newest collection we want you to have a lifelong joy with a J&M watch, therefore we offer a lifetime warranty on the NORDIC360 Collection. 

THE RED SWEEP HAND - is once again in play and has become one of the key elements in the new collection. The red sweep hand and the new cool red details stands for the passion and fiery soul in all human beings.

CRYSTAL SAPPHIRE GLASS - we have something new this time. We wanted more quality in new collection as symbol for the strong and robust side of Copenhagen. Therefore the J&M NORDIC360 collection has sapphire glass in all watches. To match this the watches also have a water resistance of 5 ATM.

You can't control time, but you can manage it. Do it with your very own J&M watch.

THE J&M NORDIC360 M series

THE J&M NORDIC360 W series

Right now this collection can be bought on Kickstarter. We need your support.


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