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The RED second hand

Passion in constant motion
Every watch tells the story of the experiences that inspired the design. A classic design with a modern twist is the backbone, but watches from J&M Denmark all share one additional detail: The red second hand.

When the founders behind J&M Denmark sketched their very first watches, they knew that each and every watch had to hold an element symbolizing the passion and soul the two young founders put into the design. Thus, a red second hand illustrates the hard work and human warmth that goes into the process. The hands are in constant motion – as are the founders.

Red for passion
J&M Denmark


J&M Denmark's award-winning Danish design with a Scandinavian touch. The watches are designed for your personality, with a combination of exclusivity and simplicity. Find your watch online on this page.

We do not see watches as just being a watch, but much more than that. We see it as a part of you, part of your personality. Stylish, simple, retro and modern are the keywords behind the watches designs. For us, the Danish design equals quality therefore we never compromise on the quality of the various components we use in our watches.

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Do you have questions about our products, delivery or otherwise, feel free to contact us at info@jm-denmark.com