Terms & Conditions


J&M Denmark’s Warranty
Your new J&M watch is covered by J&M Denmark’s 2-year warranty. The date is valid from date of purchase.

The warranty covers only clockwork, hands and dial, and under normal use of the watch. If the watch will have to be exchanged, J&M does not guarantee that you will receive a similar model. You can get a similar watch for the same price.

For complaints please hand in your watch at the dealer from where it was purchased. All complaints must be documented with the original invoice.

The warranty does not cover:
  •  Glass, Battery, Casing, Crystals , Bracelet, Strap, and crown.
  •  Damage caused by failure treatment, abuse, accidents, carelessness or Normal Wear.
  • Damage caused by water not water protected watches (watches with less than 3 bar) or for violating the “water resistant” instructions on the watch.
Repairs or other maintenance made by other than authorized J&M Denmark dealers will void the warranty.
The warranty covers the straps and bracelets for a period of up to 4 months, if it is due to a manufacturing defect.
We hope that you will enjoy your new watch and remember, your personality is special

Terms & Condition 

1. Ordering products
When completing your purchase you will automatically receive an email receipt / confirmation of order, which shows what products you have ordered.

We recommend that you save your confirmation and if possible print it out.

J&M Denmark Aps can cancel your order due to typographical errors, technical problems, delivery failures and similar situations.


2. Prices
All prices on JM-Denmark.com is stated in Danish kroner (DKK) with 25% VAT included in the final price. The prices are current.

Shipping and delivery costs, payment and banking fees is stated before purchase. Transaction fee does not exceed the set fees as stated by PBS.

An additional fee will also be added the final price before you accept your purchase. When you deal with JM-Denmark.com agreements is written in Danish.


3. Terms of Payment
Payment for your order can be made online using credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners etc. or by bank transfer (Note: By bank transfer, you are not protected by the opposition procedure)

Additional debit card fees will be added to the final price. The additional fees will be disclosed before you decide to confirm your order.

When paying with VISA/VisaDankort, the final amount is deducted from your bank account once your order are dispatched from our warehouse. Credit card information is secured through an encrypted line to PBS, so we will not receive any card or account information. There is no payment fee when paying online at JM-Denmark.com.

There can never be deducted an amount greater than what you have approved at the acquisition.


4. Conclusion of Contract
With every purchase you need to accept the terms of trade. You are highly advised to read the terms carefully and familiarize yourself with the obligations and rights given to you. You get a copy of the terms when you receive a confirmation of your order by email.

By using the “Back” button, you always have the opportunity to correct any typos before you accept your purchase.

You also have the chance to see all the submitted information before you confirm your order. Then you are sure that all information is correct.


5. Warranty
At JM-Denmark.com you are guaranteed a 24-month warranty on all products. This means that within the period you will be offered a repair or replacement of your damaged product, refund or reduction in price, depending on the specific situation.

This applies to all products unless otherwise specified in the product catalog. If specified the warranty may be limited by the product’s natural life.

The warranty means that you have the legal right to complain about defects that has occured up to 24 months after you received the goods . There is no warranty if the defect was caused by the buyer for example due to improper or unauthorized repair or service, if the serial number has been removed or destroyed and if the goods have been exposed to incorrect voltage/current type. It is also a condition that the defect was present when you received the item the first time.

You must file a claim within a reasonable time after you have found the defect . If you make a claim within two months after the defect is discovered, the claim is always timely. Please send your complaint to info@jm-denmark.com where you give your order and error description.

Once we receive your complaint, we will send you an email with your return order number and the address where you should send the item. Please write the return order number on the package as it makes the processing time faster.

If the complaint is justified we will refund your (reasonable ) shipping costs.

Note We do not accept packages sent COD or similar.

Remember that the product must always be returned in protective packaging and remember to get a receipt for shipment so that we can reimburse your shipping costs.

It is not possible to deliver the goods in person at our address. You may request that we remedy the defect or deliver a new defect-free product if the conditions for exchange are present. This requires that the complaint is justified, and that removal or replacement is not entail disproportionate cost to us.  


6. Returns
As a consumer you have the right to withdraw your order. This means that you may regret your purchase.

When you want to use this right, please send us an email at info@jm-denmark.com with order number/invoice number and please write about why you want to return (omission does not limit your rights – we just want to improve ourselves and understand what went wrong) We will send you an email with a return number that you must enter outside of the package – this facilitates the procedure considerably.

If you want to exercise your right, this must be done within 14 days after you receive the goods.

If the 14th day is a holiday, a Saturday, Constitution Day, 24th, 25th or 31th of December, then the the following business day will be the 14th day.

When we receive your return email within the time limit and you return the product immediately after you have received the email with the return number, your refund case is considered within the time limit.

Once we receive your return email, we’ll send you an email with the address where you should send the item. You can exercise your right of return if the goods are returned in the same condition that you received it. Grading sale value should not be diminished significantly. If the item is damaged or deteriorated and this is due to lack of or poor packaging, then you forfeit your right.

Upon returning, the item will be replaced in its sales packaging and securely packed in the proper shipping packaging. You may not placef stickers or write directly on the manufacturer’s sales packaging. This must be done on the shipping carton.

Once we have received the product and verified that it meets the conditions under which the right of withdrawal may be used, we will send you the money. You must expect that it may take up to 14 days.

Do we believe that the conditions are not met, in order to use this right, we’ll contact you by e-mail with the reasons.
It is important that you not only send your item back, but also send an email to JM-Denmark.com confirming your return. Therefore, please send an email to info@jm-denmark.com. You will receive a return email with detailed instructions.

You can also cancel an order by refusing to accept the package when delivered.

The only cost you have when you cancel, will be the postage when you send the item back to us.

Note: We do not accept packages sent COD.


7. Liability
J&M Denmark ApS assumes no responsibility for the delay.
 J&M Denmark ApS assumes no liability as a result of the buyer’s legal relations with third party.

8. Shipping & delivery
Ordered items will – when possible – be sent as one delivery.
J&M Denmark ApS estimates the normal delivery time of 3-5 working days subject to external factors that are beyond J&M Denmark ApS’s influence. You will of course be contacted by e-mail or telephone when required.

Our deliveries are made in collaboration with renowned carriers and service partners such as Fedex. 

9. Reciept of goods
When you receive your goods, be sure to check for any visible damage.
If the package is damaged or show any signs of defect, you must sign the order, but be wary of any damage to the content.
As a rule, you should never sign for a product that do not live up to the order you purchased.

When rejecting an item:
Contact us by e-mail info@jm-denmark.com and write that you have rejected the goods.
If the packaging is intact, but you find the item damaged or broken after unpacking, please report it to info@jm-denmark.com

For evidence purposes, please contact us by e-mail upon receipt.

Regardless of whether it is visible or non-visible damage, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you solve the problem.

10. Shipping & delivery costs
Shipping prices are incl. transport insurance.
Before you approve your order, the terms of delivery and service will be specified on the item you are ordering. We ship with Fedex. FREE SHIPPING worldwide.


11. Prejudice
J&M Denmark ApS makes reservations for typos, pricing errors, VAT and tax changes, sold out / discontinued items and supply shortages from our suppliers.